XMPP Feature list

This page contains the XMPP features of Monal ( currently 2.0.7).


  • Direct connection
  • Connection over VPN
  • Connection with new style SSL (using start TLS ).  This works on any port.
  • Connection with old style SSL.  Force this by setting port to 5223. A future release will have old style allowed on any port.
  • Connection without SSL
  • SSL with self signed certificates (this is automatic)
  • DNS SRV record  discovery

Authentication Mechanisms:

  • SASL Plain
  • SASL Digest-MD5
  • Legacy  Authentication (XEP-0078)
  • Download contact’s icon
  • Download contact’s full name
  • Retrieve  messages sent while user was offline
  • Update contact’s status
  • Set own status message
  • Invisible mode
  • Set away
  • Update status message with currently playing iPod song
Contact list:
  • View currently online contacts
  • View offline contacts
  • Add a new contact
  • Remove a contact
  • Authorize others adding you to their contact list
  • Search for users on server and add to contact list (XEP-0055)

  • landscape and all orientations  for all windows
  • Full log of past conversations
  • Sound,vibrate on new message. Sound cannot be changed in this version
  • Emoticons
  • Links are detected and open in safari when clicked
  • Join multiple user chat (MUC)
  • 2 pane iPad view

Multi tasking:

  • Multi tasking until app is closed or user logs out (3GS and up normally, 3G and up when jailbroken)
  • Notification of new message when phone is locked ( all iOS devices)
  • Notification of new messages when running in the background in iOS4
  • Jingle VOIP requires real IP. Does not have STUN and NAT traversal yet.
  • iTunes file transfer