This page contains the XMPP features of Monal ( currently 2.0.7).


  • Direct connection
  • Connection over VPN
  • Connection with new style SSL (using start TLS ).  This works on any port.
  • Connection with old style SSL.  Force this by setting port to 5223. A future release will have old style allowed on any port.
  • Connection without SSL
  • SSL with self signed certificates (this is automatic)
  • DNS SRV record  discovery

Authentication Mechanisms:

  • SASL Plain
  • SASL Digest-MD5
  • Legacy  Authentication (XEP-0078)
  • Download contact’s icon
  • Download contact’s full name
  • Retrieve  messages sent while user was offline
  • Update contact’s status
  • Set own status message
  • Invisible mode
  • Set away
  • Update status message with currently playing iPod song
Contact list:
  • View currently online contacts
  • View offline contacts
  • Add a new contact
  • Remove a contact
  • Authorize others adding you to their contact list
  • Search for users on server and add to contact list (XEP-0055)

  • landscape and all orientations  for all windows
  • Full log of past conversations
  • Sound,vibrate on new message. Sound cannot be changed in this version
  • Emoticons
  • Links are detected and open in safari when clicked
  • Join multiple user chat (MUC)
  • 2 pane iPad view

Multi tasking:

  • Multi tasking until app is closed or user logs out (3GS and up normally, 3G and up when jailbroken)
  • Notification of new message when phone is locked ( all iOS devices)
  • Notification of new messages when running in the background in iOS4
  • Jingle VOIP requires real IP. Does not have STUN and NAT traversal yet.
  • iTunes file transfer


31 thoughts on “XMPP Feature list”

  1. Hi,

    Are there any plans to add grouping of contacts based on their roster grouping? Right now our university IT department uses jabber to communicate and there are about 600 hundred of us signed in. We have groups for each sub-department but monal does not sort the contacts like this, so we can’t use monal because it is too difficult to find the people in our sub-department who matter.

    1. I second this, I have a notification system using jabber (zabbix) which works perfectly until Monal times out.Otherwise, brilliant app!

      1. Why not use Prowl for the notification and begging in here that Anu adds the XMPP notification integration in Monal so that you can open Monal right from Prowl?

        Or in a longer version: You can add a script to your Jabber server which forwards messages to Prowl if you are not connected. Prowl on your iPhone will then notify you of a new message. Whats missing in that solution is that Monal registers the XMPP protocol in the iOS so that when you open Prowl it will ask you if you want to open Monal for the XMPP Message you received. Not perfect, but at least it would work…

        1. I am looking into prowl as an option. My main priority right now is to use an apple approved work around and stay connected. Its a bit of work, which is why there has been a delay in the release. Limited amount of time to work, but yes i will definitely try to see if I can get prowl to work.

    2. We’re looking for suitable XMPP clients to recommend to our customers with iPhones, but some testers have commented on this frustrating timing out issue. Hope to see this resolved soon.

      On a positive note, the most recent update has received comments relating to the improved first time configuration. Thank you.

      1. The new release( 2.0.7) runs fully in the background like a normal chat client will on the desktop. It will remain open until the user closes the app or there is a prolonged loss of connectivity.

    1. Any answer on this? I also would like this pretty much to avoid loosing messages when the connection is lost.

  2. Anu,

    I did some tests with Monal and Jitsi to see if jingle voice calls work (Both NATTEDWifi ). It did not work. Or should it have worked as I described above? Any plans to add NAT and STUN any time soon pls?

  3. Thanks for the swift reply Anu! It would be a killer app if it can cope with NAT etc.

  4. discovered your great app. works nearly pefect with my self hosted prosody server.

    but how do i manage to see my own avatar in the chat windows?

  5. Please consider open-sourcing your app, so we can all work towards a full-featured iOS client with OTR, jingle audio and voice with STUN, file-transfer and TLS1.2 support.

  6. Hey

    Just a couple thoughs, OTR would be really nice. Also, perhaps a way to video chat…Jingle maybe?

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  8. Hey there, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog in Chrome, it looks
    fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.

    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic

  9. Hi. I just got an iPhone 6 and now it is impossible to log on in Monal. It bounces up and down on the connection screen, as it says “could not login” about ten times. I haven’t been able to connect even once.
    Do you know why this is happening? And what I can do to fix it? Thank you. I’m so thankful for Monal chat and I want to keep using it.

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