About Monal

Monal is developed and maintained by Anurodh Pokharel  in Boston. He can be reached at info@monal.im. Monal is written completely from scratch in Cocoa and does not use any libraries for the XMPP or TOC protocol implementations.  Amul Pokharel helps perform QA tests. The wonderful Monal icon was created  by Ayush Pokharel. He was also very helpful in the development of this site.

The Adium Stockholm theme used for chat windows was developed by Matthew Bice and is used with his permission.

Many icons are  from Joseph Wain‘s excellent Glyphish Pro set. Free icons  are used under the creative commons attribution license

The Jingle VOIP functions use JRTPlib by Jori Liesenborgs for RTP. VOIP wouldn’t have been possible without it.

Special thanks also goes to members of  the WebEx Developer Program at Cisco, who were incredibly helpful setting up accounts to test compatibility. The WebEx support would not have been possible without them.

Adium was the inspiration for this program and it’s debug output  log was used very heavily when initially studying XMPP.

Icons in  older versions of Monal are based on Everaldo’s Crystal Project licenced under the LGPL.