Quickly enter sleep data into Runkeepers HealthGraph.  Either use the built in sleep timer, a manual entry form or the motion sensor of the iPhone 5s to automatically detect your sleep.

It is a project I started because I am a runner and love Runkeeper.

It is currently available in the app store. I will improve it with community feedback.  Email me at bugs@monal.im

You can post bug reports directly at:


Download SleepTrack (version 1.9)

If you have an iPhone 5s or better, we can now scan for your sleep automatically! Just allow access to motion and  SleepTrack will know how much you slept even when it is not running. The next time you open all of your sleep will be logged. This does not use any additional battery or resources.


iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 7, 2013, 1.45.09 PM iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 7, 2013, 1.44.59 PM iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 7, 2013, 1.44.54 PM

25 thoughts on “SleepTrack for iOS”

  1. Honestly, the screenshot of the iPad version looks horrible. Even the screenshot of the iPhone version (which itself isn’t too great either) would look better than that on an iPad.

    1. I know. It does use Ipad ui elements like the popover so Its not a scaled up iphone app but given how simple the app is, I encountered the strange problem where there wasn’t much to put in the extra space. I appreciate the feedback, need it to improve it as i add more functionality.

    1. it should be stored in run keeper. are you using the newest version? was this with the manual entry or the timer?

        1. im not sure what the problem could be. the app is very simple. Try clicking on the settings and then disconnect and reconnect to runkeeper. the sleep activity is posted to your feed. If you want to see reports though, you need to have runkeeper elite.

          1. I have runkeeper elite, I have connected the app with my runkeeper account and tried to post my sleeps but they didn’t get to runkeeper. In fitnessreports – sleep it shows “You have not tracked any sleep activity yet!”. I’ve tried many times, timer and manual entry, no success. I’ve tried to disconnect and connect again – the same results. Do you have any idea what the problem could be? Thank you!

          2. I dont know but i will talk to people at runkeeper and see if they can give me any information about what is going on. Do you get a message saying the sleep was posted successfully when you submit it from the app?

        2. Patrick, I can see on your public page that you have linked to sleeptrack ok. Did upgrading to the newest version solve your problem?

  2. I’ve pushed out a new release (1.2) that shows detailed error messages in the event run keeper produces an error. It should be out in a week. Hopefully that will let us diagnose any lingering issues

  3. Hi,
    I installed your App on my Ipad yesterday. The link with Runkeeper seems ok. I tried to synchronize with manual record and got always the same message on my Ipad :
    message : unparseable date
    description : the request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect.

    THe date appears like : “mar.,19 juin 2012 07:28:56”

    I hope it might help you to fix this bug.
    Good Luck

  4. I just sent an email with a question about this app… sure hope it makes sense. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

  5. Hi,

    i just installed the app and the first thing i notices was that the login and registration with Runkeeper and Facebook wasn’t working well. i had to repeat the process a couple of times.

    Cheers from a fellow software engineer


  6. Installed 1.7.1 on iPad2 and linked to RunKeeper successfully. But the app freezes when I tap on the Date field on the Manual entry page. Other fields work ok but it’s also not possible to get back to the Date field using the Previous/Next buttons. I only want to use the manual entry page so currently this app is totally non-functional for me. Keep at it though, it’s looking good.

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