Openfire, Jabberd, ejabberd,prosody etc are all standard XMPP (Jabber) servers.

When setting up a standard XMPP/Jabber account, select XMPP in the Accounts tab.

In the account set up screen first try entering your username under Jabber ID. The username  is almost always  like an email address and would look something like Enter the password and enable the account.  After saving and returning to the accounts page Monal will try to connect. For simple configurations with one server and domain this will automatically work.

If this does not work, edit the saved account by tapping on it in the Accounts tab.  Scroll down and look at the Advanced Settings.  It is highly recommended that you check with the XMPP server administrator to determine what the server,  port and SSL  settings should be. The resource does not matter.   Manually enter the new server name and port  and enable/disable SSL.  Save by returning back to Accounts.  Monal should now correctly connect.

Common quick fixes

1. If you are not sure about the SSL setting, try once with it on and off.  if it works with both, always turn SSL on if it works.

2. The port is almost always  5222.  Some SSL systems require 5223.  Normally it is never 5223 unless SSL is also enabled.

3. It is possible your set up is different. In some configurations, username is just a name without a domain. Check with your IM server administrator to find out how it should be




39 thoughts on “Openfire, Jabberd and any other XMPP/Jabber server”

  1. I want to use Monal with GTalk at work, where I’m behind a proxy that normally does not allow chatting. However, the GTalk application on my Windows PC manages to log in to GTalk but this login takes a long time (about 2 minutes, while it logs in instantly when not behind the proxy). I have logged the network communication of GTalk in windows using wireshark and noticed at some point GTalk switches to an alternative server that does not seem to be blocked. This server appears to be Entering these settings in the GTalk account in Monal at my iPod still does not make it work (but these settings do work when not behind the proxy). What else could I try? If it works in windows, shouldn’t monal be able to connect also?

  2. Its possible that my xmpp DNS SRV record discovery code is buggy. I will look at it to make sure it can handle the proxy.

  3. I have identified the error and fixed this in the next release. I have been able to connect to it on 443

  4. We use spark im through our network at work. I installed the app, I logged on thru VPN , set up the client and i connected, so cool. I can see everyone on Spark and I can send a messages perfectly but I can’t get replies from users who chat me up? What did I do wrong? I can send but I cannot receive .

  5. I created an xmpp account with the correct settings, but nothing seems to happen. I don’t see any contacts roster, the Logoff and Reconnect buttons do nothing (except take me to the empty Active Chats window). There are no errors. Looking on the jabberd server, I can see traffic being received and replied to

  6. Is there a way to filter contact list groups?

    At work we have our XMPP server setup to distinguish users by groups but I can’t find a way how to do it in the client.

    For example:

    Group A
    – Contact A
    – Contact B

    Group B
    – Contact A
    – Contact B

  7. We are using openfire 3.8.1 at our university and I can’t figure out how to connect monal to the chat rooms. The instructions claim that the server information will be filled in, but they do not. When I put the conference information in, monal does not seem to do anything with it. Has anyone gotten the MUC to work with openfire?

  8. I’m trying to get this to work with on my iphone 5 and it seems like its connected, but I’m getting nothing in my contacts or chat page…

  9. Hi,

    I have OpenFire setup as an IM server and have some 20 or so Spark IM clients on various external computers. However, on my iPad and an iPhone 4s using Monal I am getting an XMPP Failure – not authorized error. So I’m thinking there is some setting on the IM Server that I need to change or turn on. Any thoughts on this?



    1. Openfire is definitely a supported server. It should work put of the box. Do you know if you are using sasl plain or digest md5. I’ve found digest md5 to be inconsistent based on java version.

      1. Hi,

        to be frank – I have no idea what “sasl plain” or ‘digest md5’ is supposed to be referencing. Is that a setting somewhere on the OpenFire install?

        for my Spark clients on various machines, connecting over the internet, the whole thing was pretty easy to setup and get running without any real knowledge or experience on my part. I was hoping it would be simple with regards to using the iPhone/smartphones and iPads – from the setup instructions it would seem to be. But i’m thinking i’ve missed something critical?


        1. they are different authentication mechanisms that you can set in openfire. It might be easier for me to help you if you are in the beta group. I put debugging and logging code in that but strip everything from the app store releases to protect user privacy. send an email to if you are interested.

  10. i was using monal for our internal chat communication…it was working fine but today i updated the monal app and now its not getting connected with same settings…i checked by turning off and on SSL but its not working either way…can someone help…!!!

  11. Dear Anu,

    Are you realise a patch for Monal IOS system?

    How can we get it? by apple store application?

    Thx Buddy

  12. Hi Anu,
    sorry to bother you, but as I tell you 1 week ealrier, am still not able to use monal even after recent update, it still giving same error (could not login) can you help me, what should i do now..!!

  13. Hi, thank you for creating such a great I’m app. I use it all the time. However recently it has stopped connecting to our openfire server, the same login failure reported by the users above.

    Our spark based workstation clients work perfectly on openfire still.

    I love this app and would like to continue using it. Thanks for any help.

  14. Out of curiosity, did you use old style SSL? I have found a bug where that isn’t working and i am fixing it.

  15. Dear Anu,

    Most of the people still has problem are Synology users (open fire).

    We can not update the new version cause it’s not ready for it.

    Please give us a prompt solution cause we are out of the world.


    1. I have fixed it and am testing the fixes for any regressions right now. I will put it out asap.

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  17. Having issues connecting to an xmpp server. I have no problem connecting to this server on other devices running different clients. Was hoping this would work. Tried every possible combination of ssl certificates new and old, password resets the whole deal. Not sure what’s going on.

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