Cisco Webex connections are standard XMPP connections. To set up a new connection, go to the accounts tab and select XMPP connection.


Here you need to enter your Jabber ID. This is the Webex login this would be in the form Enter your password and then enable the account. Return to the accounts screen and it should auto connect.

You do not ordinarily  need to adjust any other settings.

The resource setting does not matter and the port setting  and server settings should be left alone.


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  1. Any specifics on how to configure this? I don’t know what the server address or port would be for the connect servers. Not sure if this is business specific or if we all connect to a webex central one.

    Please advise.

    1. updated the post with clarifications. the server in my experience with webex is just your domain ( the port is 5222.

      1. I used the company email address but still not able to log in.
        How to check what is the server name which is used for WebEX

        1. i am not sure about this. It might help to ask the IT dept in your company how it should be configured or if there are other restrictions.

  2. i not good english. can i used the app only than both server u receiver must have app installed? answer only yey or no

    1. I do not run a server. You can use any server. If you have a cisco webex server it will work with that.

  3. Hi,
    Same problem here. We have the webex connect client on our pc. It works perfect from our office or homebase. If i try monal with the config you show above in these screenshots, but i still try to logon without succes. We start a trace with wireshark on our pc, to see witch port is use with the application on our pc. We came out that is port 443….but it doesen’t change anything.

    Can anybody help ?


    1. The way cisco webex works is it tries to auto discover the server and port that it should connect to by looking at the DNS record at cisco for your domain. Usually when your webex server is the actual server is something else say, .

      Its possible that monal is not discovering this correctly. Could you email me the name of your server ( and i can do a quick test to see if monal can correctly connect. If it isnt i can fix it for the next release.

  4. Hi even am not able to login to WEBEX connect in here. Followed the settings you mentioned but still no luck. I can connect to WEBEX on my Home And office pc without any issues using WEBEX connect chat tool. Also my user name for WEBEX is my employee ID and not email address. I tried with email address as well but no luck. Please please help me access this tool for my office WEBEX connect.

  5. The webex portion is highly dependent on your companies setup of the webex node. First the Webex connect admin needs to manually enable non-connect XMPP IM clients permission. Second if the node is internal a SRV record needs to be published mapping the 5222 port for XMPP access. Third, any firewall rules need to allow for this. This is more involved on the infrastructure side than the app leads you to believe.

    Cisco currently has its beta client, Jabber IM for the iPhone, in testing with select groups. Expect to see an official Cisco IM client on all mobile platforms by end of 2011-early 2012.

  6. Hello,
    I am testing monal with our iChat server (OS X 10.5 server) and upon attempting to establish a connection, I receive the following error message:
    SASL PLAIN, DIGEST-MD5 not supported
    While your server does support SASL authentication it does not supprot the SASL PLAIN or DIGEST MD5 mechanisms. Monal can’t connect to this server.

    I get that message when attempting both SSL off and on, and on ports 5222 and 5223 respectively.
    We do use a self-signed certificate.
    Very nice looking app, by the way.

    1. I have not used ichat server, but from what i understand it is just jabberd. Could you check your server configuration to make sure that sasl plain or md5 are supported?

  7. I got it working good application.

    Got working by entering following details:

    Jabber ID : name@yourdomain.suffix (EX:

    Password : ********

    Enabled : On

    Server : (EX:

    Port : 5222

    Resource : Monal

    Use SSL : On

    Thanks and Enjoy

  8. Valuable information. Lucky me I discovered your web site by chance, and I am shocked why this coincidence did not happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

  9. Hi there,

    I’m accessing the Internet via company profile on 3G, I cannot even log into the service; however when I’m connected to a private WIFI, everything’s fine.

    Is this to do with certain ports blocked? If so could you please advise? From a quick scan of the posts here port 5222 seems to be the culprit, could you please confirm if this is correct and if it’s the only one that needs to be opened up by our IT guys?


  10. When you are connected via private wifi you are able to connect because you have access to the server. It is very likely that access to the server is restricted to people inside your network. There are two ways to fix this,
    1. have the administrator open port 5222 to the public on the XMPP server
    2. connect to your company over VPN before running monal.

  11. When connected to our XMPP server at work via Monal, I am not getting replies (in both Monal on iPhone and Pidgin on PC) to messages sent via Monal.

    When I send a message via Pidgin on my PC, I get replies in Pidgin. This working as expected.

    When I send a message via Monal on my iPhone, I do not get replies in Monal – and I do not get them on my PC either (in Pidgin).

    My XMPP priority in Monal is set to 2. My XMPP priority in Pidgin (via purple-plugin-pack) is set to 1.

    I need to connect to XMPP on my phone via VPN. Pidgin on my PC is local (no VPN – this is at the office).

    What is wrong?

  12. Will there be support for filesending?
    I can’t find a way to send images from my ipad in the chats…

  13. I created an xmpp account with the correct settings, but nothing seems to happen. I don’t see any contacts roster, the Logoff and Reconnect buttons do nothing (except take me to the empty Active Chats window). There are no errors. Looking on the jabberd server, I can see traffic being received and replied to

  14. I don’t understand how to add contacts, or why jabberd software on my Android phone automatically adds them and actually works. Also, why isn’t there a knowledge base instead of just a few FAQs containing major gaps, like how to add contacts for example. You have one for removing a contact. For me that’s easy. Do nothing.

  15. Setting up the jingle session is, the actual data is currently transferred as in RTP rather than SRTP and is not encrypted. Its one of the many reasons i’ve marked the button to initiate a call with the beta tag.

  16. How can you save a group chat to your contacts, so you don’t have to keep entering them each time you close app (in Jabber). I have 4 group chats that I want to stay in my contacts list.

  17. Hi, this will be great if we can get it working. Connecting to Kerio Mail Server using XMPP. Works fine from an iPhone. Exact same settings on iPad do not connect; no error message, connection indicator just stays red. Any thoughts?



    1. Nevermind, looks like it has something to do with the “priority” setting in the preferences. Why is it always stumble on the answer myself five seconds after posting to a board? 🙂 Thanks.

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