About XMPP Accounts

Greetings, you are here because you want to register a new XMPP account.  Before you start, I want to point out one way that XMPP is different from many other messaging systems.  Where you make your account doesn’t change who you can talk to. Just like someone from a @gmail.com email account can contact someone at a @yahoo.com address,  someone at a @jabb3r.com XMPP account can talk to someone at a @yax.im account.  

How are services different?

What does matter is in the same way that gmail and yahoo mail are different. Different services offer different advances features.  For most users these don’t matter much.  Just pick one below, add some friends and chat away.

Some Free XMPP Account Registration Links


Hot-Chili  : I use this service with a @jabb3r.org address. They have several other options.

Jabber.at : A popular server. Registration is usually open. 

For the more adventurous, a more complete list of XMPP is here.

What’s Jabber?

Jabber is just the older name for XMPP.  The two names are largely interchangeable.