2.0.7 and beyond

A quick peek behind the curtain. As  many people are curious about the progress of  the next release, this is my current task list.  The critical features are absolutely needed for 2.0.7 release. The nice to have ones might get added. Some are pretty low hanging fruit.  At the moment Continue Reading

Let there be VOIP!

This is easily  most complicated things I’ve ever written since college.   Core audio on ios kicked my butt and took me days  to figure it out and a networking error with RTP drove me nuts for a few more days.   I’ve never worked with RTP or audio before, Continue Reading

XMPP for Facebook privacy

I noticed people talking about using Monal for Facebook chat because it runs over XMPP and will not track your GPS location.  I totally didn’t realize that was a problem with other Facebook clients. Good to see Monal helps solve the problem.


People who know me know that I am a runner. Taking a break from Monal, I spent the afternoon yesterday making  small application to track sleep activity  in Runkeeper. It should be out by the end of the week. http://monal.im/sleeptrack-for-ios/      

End of iOS 3.x support

I promised to keep supporting iOS 3.x users as long as I could. The time has finally arrived where there are compelling enough technologies in newer versions that I can’t support 3.x users anymore.   The new minimum requirement will be ios4 and that should include everything but the original Continue Reading