Monal and iOS 5

I have iOS5 and the new development kit. The current version of Monal works fantastic with the fantastic new notification system. I havent tried out the new lock screen yet, but it should work just the same.

2.0.4 changelog

This is a service update that fixes bugs 1. Fixed critical bug that caused immediate crash on iOS3 devices 2. improved UI, adopted new icon set 3. fixed bug where offline roster was not loading on some servers 4. Added XEP-0055: Jabber Search (user directory) 5. Added detailed help pages Continue Reading

XEP-0078 : Non SASL login

After discovering that jabberd14 servers ship without SASL support enabled, I have enabled non sasl login. Monal will try sasl login first and will fall back on legacy login if and only if that is the only way left to login. I have tested with jabberd14  running on ubuntu 10