Gmail Fixes and Hardening

It seems the last release’s changes to strictly check domains on SSL certs broke gmail compatibility when you host your domain there.  There is now a Mac beta of 2.3 with this fix available. The version number has increased because this is also the first release running in  the MacOS hardened runtime.  Let me know if you see any oddities. It’s an added layer of security  for users that I would like to take advantage of.  This is the first beta trying it out but going forward Monal builds not in the App Store will also be notarized.

iOS and Mac releases and the future

Both releases are waiting for Apple’s review.  Mac clients usually get reviewed and approved in an hour or so (barring any issues).   Looking towards the future, I am curious to hear about your experiences. Are there are any particular issues you or people you have shown Monal to felt were lacking. Often times these are minor issues that can be resolved quickly  but are annoyances that prevent people from adopting Monal. I know a major one is OMEMO, which is coming,  but what else?

So, an open question either reply here, message or email . I’m looking for low hanging fruit I can prioritize to help adoption and grow the xmpp user base. 

Mac Link Previews

Macs now have link previews just like iOS.  I will be rolling this out into the next beta today.  The iOS app should be going into the App Store today.  I will disable OMEMO and roll out an update to the Mac App Store as I continue to work on OMEMO, I don’t want to hold up the many security updates. 

Compose Screen

I realized recently that there was a need to send messages to people not in your roster list. I’m not sure why I never thought of this before. I have added a compose screen and placed the button on the right to match every other chat app.  This is of course a work in progress. I hope to add the QR reader here and in the add contacts screen in the future. 

iOS 3.2 in the works

As usual I am looking at the issues coming in after a release and am preparing the first patch that will go out.  I am addressing all of the crashes I have seen come in as well as improvements to connectivity based on user feedback. Expect to see 3.2 next week along with the new sounds functionality.  

The Welcome Screen

Upon first launch users are now shown a simple introduction to XMPP.   I thought about what the purpose of this screen was and decided explaining XMPP was a better than  trying to present features of Monal (something better suited for a what’s new screen).  Some apps use this as a means of on boarding, explaining what each feature does before asking permission. Monal is a chat app, you get notifications, I think everyone expects that, so seeing a prompt for notifications doesn’t need further explanation. 

Instead you see the story of Peter rabbit as he enters and escapes Mr McGregor’s garden.