Monal 2.2

Monal 2.2 is currently testing. Hopefully will send to Apple in time for Christmas.  I have dropped support for  <iOS6. I noticed there weren’t any iOS5 users left.  This makes development easier for me too.  Monal 2.2 will be the december release, Monal 2.3 will be in January or February and will include iPhone 6+ landscape support as well as XEP-198. Neither made the cut for this release.


2.2 changelog

This is  update that  fixes bugs.

1. Added inidcator if message failed to send and retry buttons

2. Improved stability with numerous crash bug fixes.

3. Improved connectivity when moving between cells

4. Minimim supported version is iOS6

Monal 2.1.3 is out

Monal 2.1.3 is out. I took a month to go through approval but it is now out. Hopefully future ones will not take this long.  I have included crashlytics in this release build.  I have been very happy  with using it in beta testing. If there is a crash it will ask to be able to send the crash to me. Please send me crashes.   I have given the user the option to decline sending crashes rather than silently sending them to protect privacy.

We can fight CurrentC

If you told me last week that there would be a common cause that would unite the usual factions that make up the fans of various mobile systems, I would not have believed you.  In a way we should thank Walmart. Without their MCX’s scorched earth  response to NFC, we would not have remembered the thing that unites us; we are all technology fans at heart.

We can fight the threat of CurrentC. CurrentC won’t be defeated by twitter posts  and app store reviews alone. At the end of the day they are just entries in a database. The poor schmuck who runs the CVS twitter feed can’t reverse the decision to block NFC, the clerks at the store can’t do it either.  The executives who are pushing CurrentC can just ignore everything and keep pressing with CurrentC.  What they can’t ignore is complaints through their customer service channels.

We can take a two pronged approach to this.

1. CurrentC needs to die. If it is not in the AppStore or Google Play store, it has little chance of widespread adoption. 

CurrentC violates the following app store guidelines that could have it pulled. We should complain to Apple to have the app removed.

2.13 Apps that are primarily marketing materials or advertisements will be rejected

17.2 Apps that require users to share personal information, such as email address and date of birth, in order to function will be rejected

22.7 Developers who create Apps that surreptitiously attempt to discover user passwords or other private user data will be removed from the iOS Developer Program 

2.13 is a stretch

17.2  is for the Social Security number or license number needed for CurrentC

22.7 is important because the health data that is acquired in CurrentC is from transactions (pharmacy purchases) that it processes and not something the user is intentionally sharing.

There is probably something in the google play terms about user privacy that can be used to block this there as well.

2. Contact CVS and Rite aid in the real world

They can ignore twitter but they can’t ignore mail, phone calls and email. If enough people call and their actual customer support channels are getting tied up, they will be forced to respond.  Remember the person on the other end can’t do anything about NFC, just politely voice your opinion through a channel CVS and Rite Aid do  care about.

CVS/pharmacy Customer Service :

For questions and comments including feedback about our stores, pharmacy, policies and in-store photo department, call 1-800-SHOP-CVS (1-800-746-7287)Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM ET. Closed major holidays.

CVS Corporation
Customer Relations
One CVS Drive
Woonsocket, RI 02895

Rite aid:

1-800-RITE AID (1-800-748-3243)

Mon-Fri: 8am – 8pm EST

Saturday:9:30am – 6pm EST

Email riteaid corporate here:



Monal 2.1.3 sent to Apple

Monal 2.1.3 has been sent to Apple and is waiting for review. Given the speed of the current review times it will take about 11 days to be released.

Numerous bug fixes. Several notable ones:
1. much improved connectivity when moving between wifi access points and cellular networks
2. improved support for leaving group chat
3. improved group chat server detection
4. tap on notifications to enter chat
5. iOS8 support
6. Iphone6 and 6 plus support
7. improved server compatibility

App Privacy policy

As part of health book support in sleep track I need to provide a privacy policy. Thankfully I do not collect any user information.

This is the current privacy policy for monal and sleep track (permanent location :  )

What apps collect what info and how it is used?

Monal does not collect any user info of any variety. The only network connections that are opened are to the user’s servers with whatever level of security the server uses that Monal also supports (up to TLS 1.2).

Sleeptrack only collects basic user metric info (OS version, device capability etc) in an anonymous fashion. Ads served in sleep track use the iOS id for advertising.  When there is a crash an  anonymous crash log may be sent back for debugging. This only contains device technical info to help identify the crash.  No user personal data is included. User sleep data is only transmitted to run keeper when the user has chosen to connect to run keeper.  I do not collect and have no intention of ever collecting any user’s sleep or other health related data that may be entered in health book. No sleep related data is provided to any other third party.


Ipod /iPad disconnect on screen lock

If your iPod or iPad is disconnecting when the screen locks, it might be because the  wifi is being turned off.  Please try the following steps and see if it helps:






I came accross this issue all over the net, with no real solution. So I did some testing and this is what I found.


(An update to iOS 6 was released today..unfortunately that still didn’t fix the problem..for me anyway).


From what I understand:


This new ‘feature’ of iOS6 dissables the wifi radio when an iOS device has been in sleep for abit, but it also somehow turns the iOS device’s wifi radio back on when it needs to (i.e. when a push email/ notification/ imessage is coming through) even when the device is in sleep. This is when the feature works. But there is a buggy loophole that arrises which causes the wifi radio to not automatically ‘re-engage’ when it should.


If you find that you only get emails/notificaitons and imessages when you wake up your ios device, and not as they come in, it’s because, at some point, you have done a series of actions that result in the wireless radio not knowing how to turn itself on when in sleep.


This is how you fix it


1) Turn wifi on (doesn’t matter if you connect to a wifi network now or later, but the wifi toggle must be on). If your ios device supports mobile data, turn it off for now.


2) Turn off the device (by keeping the sleep button pressed and then swiping)


Wait 30s


3) Turn it on

4) After the home screen loads, reset it (hold the home and sleep buttons down and keep holding until you see the apple logo)


That’s it.


Now, when your device is in sleep, the wifi radio will re-engage when it needs to.


People with 3G always on won’t experience this problem because when an iPad/ iPhone is in sleep (and hence, the wifi radio is turned off), having the mobile/cellular data on somehow wakes up the wifi radio if messages and stuff are coming in.


(I believe in Apple. It would be just plain stupid to introduce a feature that completely dissables wifi when in sleep, just to save battery..this isn’t the feature people, this is a bug of an actually great feature. Attempting to save battery life by only having the wireless radio turn itself off when in sleep (and not having it turn itself back on when it needs to) is creating a problem in the attempts to get rid of a reduced battery life problem. Have some faith in apple! Haha. This is not going backwards..this is going forward, with style…and a bug.)




Below are the series of actions (if you’re curious) that you have done at some point in time that have caused the wifi radio to forget to reengage when in sleep: (so there’s a set of actions to induce the bug, and to hide it)


Turn wifi off

Turn off device

Turn on device

Reset device

Turn on wifi


Now you won’t get push emails and stuff when your device is sleeping.

Apple has changed from SSL to TLS

A day or two ago, Apple silently  forced TLS only on, which is used by developers  to test push notification systems. The production system has not changed (yet).  I suspect this was a reaction to the heart bleed bug.  While they have said that none of their services were impacted it seems curious that this would happen at the same time.

If you are experiencing push issues on the sandbox (particularly disconnects), make sure you are using TLS.  You can verify that your push certs are working ok with APNS pusher ( ).

Push sharp users should  update.