2.0.4 Progress

As usual I am fixing bugs and issues people report in 2.0.3.  This is the current change log for the April release

2.0.4 changelog

This is a service update that fixes bugs
1. improved UI, adopted new icon set
2. fixed bug where offline roster was not loading on some servers
3. discover and search XMPP user directory
4. Added detailed help pages


Shiny new icons

In my effort to make Monal look better, I recently stumbled upon the Glyphish free icon set for mobile devices. I now know where most apps get their tabbar and toolbar icons from. The next release will switch from the KDE Crystal theme I’ve used since the beginning to the much more iOS appropriate Glyphish theme.


Welcome to the new site

The blogspot blog the served as the home for Monal will continue to exist for historical reasons and also because the article I wrote about the security weaknesses of Facebook chats XMPP implementation still draws a lot of traffic.

Monal has grown significantly since it’s release. I think this site will better serve the needs of the everyone using it.  In particular, I think the help section will answer the most common questions.


Monal 2.0.3 Submitted

Monal 2.0.3 is a major update that fixes bugs and adds important updates.


This is a major update that improves the application significantly.

1. Proper multi tasking. It will run in the background until you logout or close the app. No more 10 minute limit.|
2. Manually set XMPP priority
3. Shows offline contacts
4. Added gtalk extensions for google apps
5. fixed an issue with Digest-Md5 servers and connectivity
6. Fixed a bug with some non english messages not arriving
7. improved auto recovery in the event of a network error
8. when swiping to close an active chat it says “close” instead of delete. When clearing a chat log it says “clear” and not delete
9. improved UI for adding new contact
10. shows a badge with a count of messages received on app icon
11. status is not overwritten when setting away
12. fixed misc crashing bugs with the UI
13. new buddy details screen
14  optimized and switched from GCC to LLVM+Clang compiler
15. Added Multi user chat (MUC) menus.
16. Removed browser tab from iPad UI


Group chat (MUC)

Monal supports XMPP MUC (Multi user chat)

Using Group Chat

If  a group chat room is entered, Monal will join it  and it will show up in both the  active chats list and as an online “user” in the contacts list.  Talking in a group chat is the exact same as talking in a normal one. When entering a room, Monal requests the server send the last 5 messages  of the conversation if it is available.


If invited to a room, Monal will ask to accept the invitation and join the room if accepted.


Joining a Room

A room is joined by going to In the More-> Group chat.

If the server supports it, Monal will discover at login what the address of the group chat service is.    The server field on this page  will be  filled with the correct information if it is discovered.

After entering the room name  and a password if necessary, tap join to enter the chat. Monal will either connect or return an error.

Leaving a Room

To leave a room, swipe the item in active chats and  press the close button.

Setting Nickname

Not available in the current build but will be available in the future.

Searching Rooms

Not available in the current build but will be available in the future.

Searching  Users

Not available in the current build but will be available in the future.