Expanding chat box.

By popular demand. Here is the new expanding chat input box.

I have also fixed several bugs related to iOS5. Since these are urgent. I will likely release 2.0.5 with these changes and save Jingle for the big release coming after that.

Working on Monal Again

Things to expect in the September release.

1. Uses standard iphone notification sound and vibrations.
2. Fixed bug where sounds didnt play
3. Uses device/switch settings. Removed vibration options in Monal settings since they are redundant
4. Correctly detects https links in chats

Also worked on the ability to not save the password at all and enter it on every login.


Making good progress on that. I think I am about 50% done.


Q. Why am I not getting sound or vibration alerts?

A.  Make sure they are enabled in the settings screen. In addition for sound alerts, make sure the silence switch is not turned on.  Finally, both sound and vibrate only occur when the screen  is locked or the app is running in the background. In other cases it is assumed that you are looking at the monal app and dont need the additional notification of a new message.


Q. How do I remove contacts?

A. Swipe on them on the contacts screen and then tap remove.


2.0.4 changelog

This is a service update that fixes bugs

1. Fixed critical bug that caused immediate crash on iOS3 devices
2. improved UI, adopted new icon set
3. fixed bug where offline roster was not loading on some servers
4. Added XEP-0055: Jabber Search (user directory)
5. Added detailed help pages
6. Added several popovers to ipad UI
7. option to turn off message preview
8. option to hide offline contacts
9. option to turn off logging
10. no longer forces an @ in the username, greater compatibility
11. button to close all active chats at once
12. Added XEP-0078: Legacy Authentication. Works on non SASL servers
13. tested to work with jabberd14 1.6
14. tested to work with Prosody

Beta Testers Wanted for 2.0.4

If you want to test 2.0.4, please send an email to bugs@monal.im with the subject line “BETA: 2.0.4”. I want to make sure everyone who has had connection issues can use Monal.

In the body of the email you will have to include your device ID (UDID)

Locating a Unique Device ID with iTunes 7.7 or later
To do this, connect your device to your Mac and launch iTunes. In iTunes, select your device in the ‘Devices’ section and navigate to the Summary tab. Click on the Serial Number label to reveal the Identifier field and the 40 character UDID. Press Command+C to copy the UDID to your clipboard. (from Scott Means)

When you receive your beta, drag it into the Applications  folder in itunes and sync.  When you open Monal check about to make sure you have 2.0.4