Q. Why am I not getting sound or vibration alerts?

A.  Make sure they are enabled in the settings screen. In addition for sound alerts, make sure the silence switch is not turned on.  Finally, both sound and vibrate only occur when the screen  is locked or the app is running in the background. In other cases it is assumed that you are looking at the monal app and dont need the additional notification of a new message.


Q. How do I remove contacts?

A. Swipe on them on the contacts screen and then tap remove.


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  1. Is there a place to set if and how long the app will run in the background (or is there a default) gchat is specific client

    1. right now it will run for the max allowed, which is 10 minutes from when you last viewed the app.

      1. Why is there such a limitation? What if I want to be available for anyone to send me a message whenever my iPod is on?

  2. Is there anyway to turn off notifications? Eve when i disable all notifications in my iphone, it still pops up each time i get an im

    1. If someone right clicks on your contact in pidgin and looks at the details it will show that you are using monal

  3. how do i add my facebook account? i don’t get this with @chat.facebook.com and all the stuff!!

  4. Hey.. Im in a group chat but i have to re join the chat each time i re logg. is there a way to automaticly join the chat?

  5. Is there a way to change the notification sound? Right now it is the same as my text message sound. I would really like to be able to make it a different sound, but I cannot figure out how to do that….

    1. if you send a message to another user who is offline, i believe it will be delivered when they come back online.

    1. you can do it in the iPhone settings under notifications. you can also do it in monal under settings (scroll to the bottom)

  6. Hi,
    I love the program. But could you please make it more accessible for visually impaird users. I would appriciate it alot if i had the option to make the font size really large. Some pre installed iOS programs can have big font sizes. You can change this under Settings – General – Accessibility. This gives you the general idea.
    Thanks and cheers.

        1. You can tap the plus button in the contact list to add a contact. You can also add them in gmail and it will carry over to monal.

  7. Why does it appear as though I’m logged in but none of my contacts show and it won’t allow me to start a chat? Thanks

  8. Lea, I have the same issue. I downloaded the app to my ipad earlier this week, and most of the time my contacts do not load (maybe twice when I open the app, they did load). I also cannot add them manually. the only way I can Chat is for someone to see me as active and send me a message. 🙁 hope we get an answer about why this might be!

    1. Anu, Lea & Anne,

      I am having the same problem using XMPP with Openfire. Still waiting on an answer also!


  9. hi Anu,

    I was wondering if its possible to add:
    -an emoticon selection option
    -the ability to present chats without the users avatars.. i.e. just the name.. so there is more viewing space on the iPhone..
    -an ability to see that my chat buddy is typing (and for him to see that I am)

    Also was wondering if you have worked out a longer time frame for push notifications to come thru after returning to home screen.


  10. When signed in using XMPP, the Active Chats window is full screen and I cannot see any of my contacts. I cannot close the Active Chats window. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and the Active Chats window still stays full screen. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  11. There are three issues I need clarification on

    I can not establish private chats – the function seems to be there but doesn’t allow me to type

    The general chat room connect info gets removed – sometimes just the server info – sometimes everything

    The connection is often dropped with no notification

    Thanks for helping

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  13. Connection seems to be frequently dropping on cellular connections. Is there a time limit still or does the app run constantly in the background? Or is the connection dropped when another app is opened? I still get notifications of messages, but I think it’s logging me in/out each time. (?)

    1. I believe I have further fixed this in 2.2, which is am currently testing. Cellular networks are hard. Hopping between cellular and wifi is really tricky.

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