There are many weird things about xmpp. The contact approval system and the need to approve a contact to send encrypted messages is probably one of the best examples. A lot of OMEMO issues can probably be traced to your contacts subscription either being to, from or none. Those words alone don’t make much sense so I have added some “debugging” text for users in contact details.

2 thoughts on “XMPP is weird”

  1. I guess “thiers” should be “theirs” in the screenshot. Also: if your pep nodes containing the OMEMO keys are world accessible you don’t need any subscription. I’m not sure but I guess the creating client should set the access rights.

    1. I know there is a module that allows keys to be world accessible by default. Ill look at the pep/pub sub spec again about access rights. There are two issues, the ability to subscribe (which i think in xmpp needs to be a contact) and the ability to manually query

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