Lots of things in the pipeline and many changes are afoot. iOS 3.7 is available. 3.8 will come next week and there is a Mac refresh coming with the same fixes. The WWDC keynote is on Monday and we will see a lot of changes coming to Mac and iOS.

iOS is expected to have a dark mode and I plan on having Monal support on day of the iOS 13 release (likely Sept). I will likely start adding support for it and have it in betas as soon as I can. The process of adding dark mode in macOS was pretty straightforward and I have many of the art assets ready for it already.

Mac is going to see a huge change. At the moment I maintain two apps a Mac app and an iOS app. We expect to see marzipan based iOS apps running on Mac OS and depending on what the capabilities are, I hope to have it ready on day 1 as well. This will present an interesting scenario where I will have two Mac apps. As a long time Mac user, I know the thought of iOS apps seems dreadful at first glance, but the reality is this is likely the shot in the arm the OS needs for app support. The current one will continue to exist because there are still many Macs out there that will not run iOS apps. However the experience for the two apps will be very different, I am going to have to decide what I will name the two (the current one will likely be Monal Classic) .

The plan for both apps (but iOS first) is to have an app that requires no explanation. We should be able to tell people to grab the Monal app, register or login and then chat. There are a lot of messaging apps and either it works perfectly on the first try or it gets uninstalled.

The general roadmap before I take a chunk of the summer off:


Registration, Password change and QR codes.
Dark Mode
Muc fixes /Mix
New Contact List
encrypted attachments
simple video/audio support


Classic App iOS Parity

2 thoughts on “WWDC 2019 and the Future”

  1. Instead of devoting your time to audio/video (which is barely supported by anything), could you please implement read markers instead?

    1. It’s audio and video clips and enabling it even if not inline is very low hanging fruit

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