Hi fellow Monal-Beta users,

we were asked to post an update of our development journey for the next xmpp summit.
Because we as the developers of the monal beta are way too proud of our own achievements,
we ask you as the community to provide a more realistic view of the monal project.

Can you write a (really) short paragraph about where the project started when you first used it,
where it is now (if you are still using it ;)) and what improved or not improved over the past year.
What are the things you are most happy with? What upcoming things do you await most eagerly?

Please submit your user stories as blog comment or in the monal groupchat until 2021-02-03 (YYYY-MM-DD).

If you want, just add your name below the text and we’ll publish it along the text (or leave it out to get published anonymously).

Thank you very much for the last year full of debugging builds with us!
Anu, Emus, Friedrich, Jim, Thilo

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