I am looking at the stats coming back and I see one particular crash that I would like to resolve ASAP in both iOS and Mac clients.  There will be an update next week after that unless something pressing comes up, development will pause as I sort through GDPR.  You may already have  noticed the cookie banner that appears on this page courtesy the wp-stats package I am using. The reason for XMPP work stopping: GDPR work is more work and one person only has so much free time in a day.

General GDPR roadmap:

  1. Site (done)
  2. Crashlyitcs
  3. Mac
  4. Push server
  5. iOS

6 thoughts on “Updates and GDPR”

  1. Hi,

    As I wrote in other thread, Monal is perfectly compliant with GDPR. Your risk is null. You would probably easily win a contest about the Most Privacy Respecting IM application. Please stay in European market, as Monal is the only solution guaranting us that our passwords and messages are not read by you or a third party!

  2. It isn’t GDPR compliant. While it is true that Monal is a privacy focused program, as I’ve listed above, there is actual work that needs to be done to come into compliance with the letter of the law here. Some of it is waiting for GDPR compliance modules in software I am using. For example this very website used a cookie to count unique visitors in a local db and was not GDPR compliant until I updated the counter plugin.

  3. Many thanks for your work. It seems that you re-considered the GPDR and that your push-server is going to offer services in the EU? That would be great!

    1. I’m really just watching what the regulators are doing. There seem to be at least a couple of paths forward without compromising usability.

      1. Do you know where you store the information?

        Then report that with why on a Web page, and you would be fine. And if not, if some privace agency of Eu has questions, you answer and they tell you what needs to be done, if it isn’t ok. If you do comply, with a timeline, it will be OK. If you abstruct, you will get a fine. But that is after you have not complied and obstructed, like Microsoft did.

        So inform all users of what you store, how long and why.
        How they should do to get all information stored about them and how they cwn change them or getting it all removed.
        And then you should be OK.
        And I can’t see what should be a problem of what you store. Unless you store religion, political interest, sexuality or other information that the user has no control of.w

        1. It’s not that simple. GDPR is a fantastic troll tool. I am sure you have seen the “nightmare” form SAR letter someone has prepared. Part of GDPR compliance is exposing yourself to SARs (or having someone hired to handle it for you). If a few thousand people decided to do so, they easily swamp a small project.

          It also appears these trolls have already sent letters in to other client developers, just because they can.

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