We have identified the cause of the crash that was causing Apple to reject Monal when submitted to the Mac App Store. The root cause of the problem was the behavior of action sheet type of alerts. This was changed from a Mac style alert in Catalyst running on Catalina to the iPad popup style in Big Sur. This resulted in the OS expecting x/y coordinates for the origin of the popup and crashing. The plus side of Apple hardware is that it lasts forever. My mac mini is from 2011 and my Macbook is from 2010. With enough RAM and an SSD there wasn’t actually much of a reason to upgrade. Unfortunately, none of my machines can run Big Sur well now (even with with the hacks I use to run on unsupported hardware ) and I’ve purchased an M1 mini as a replacement. If anyone has tried to get a computer during the pandemic you know it involves waiting. I have a working solution for Big Sur while I wait for my new machine to arrive in mid Feb. This should let us catch issues in Catalina and Big Sur and prevent this from happening again.