Upon first launch users are now shown a simple introduction to XMPP.   I thought about what the purpose of this screen was and decided explaining XMPP was a better than  trying to present features of Monal (something better suited for a what’s new screen).  Some apps use this as a means of on boarding, explaining what each feature does before asking permission. Monal is a chat app, you get notifications, I think everyone expects that, so seeing a prompt for notifications doesn’t need further explanation. 

Instead you see the story of Peter rabbit as he enters and escapes Mr McGregor’s garden.  

3 thoughts on “The Welcome Screen”

  1. Those are lovely. The walled garden analogy is good. Thanks for your work. Really like it.

    1. Thanks, please keep the feedback coming, hoping for an end product that is as appealing as any proprietary network client.

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