I released 2.0.8 a couple of days ago and immediately realized there was a serious crashing bug in the build that was submitted. So that no one would upgrade to it, I pulled it from the app store while is in the approval process. Monal should be available again on Monday.

13 thoughts on “Temporarily pulled”

    1. looks like it will take a little more time. I have found more bugs in the release i was about to put out today. iOS6 made a lot of changes under the hood and i would rather release something stable than rush this out.

  1. While I really appreciate you pulling an unstable app is there any chance of an update as to where you’re at and when you realistically think you’ll be releasing the update?

    Thanks – and I’m willing to be a beta tester if required

  2. This software sounds like exactly what I’ve been looking for, hoping it will be available in the app store soon!

    1. Nothing yet, I am just waiting for Apple to approve. I don’t know why it’s taking so long. Usually things are approved in a week.

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