When I originally added inline images I had it turned off by default because of privacy concerns. It seems that most people prefer it to be on or don’t even know it is an option.  It seems like inline images and media (images, video, url previews etc. ) are just part of modern chat and they should be on by default.  The option to turn it off will always be there.

2 thoughts on “Showing images by default”

  1. May I suggest that you turn on previews by default for HTTPS links and just don’t allow previews for HTTP links at all? HTTP will die out soon enough, and HTTPS ensures at least some privacy regarding the contents of any images. E.g. a network administrator, proxy, or man-in-the-middle can’t see that you received a link to a nude photo while at work when it’s loaded over HTTPS.

    This should be a nice default-setting compromise between privacy and convenience.

  2. Good news (or bad depending on how you look at it) on that front, Monal doesn’t support HTTP at all. You can’t use HTTP for anything in the app. It will send HTTP links to safari but thats about it.

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