The Jingle VOIP functions in Monal use JRTPlib by Jori Liesenborgs for the RTP communication. VOIP wouldn’t have been possible without it.  Thanks Jori for making this fantastic library free.

I am now testing Monal on all of my iOS devices. This is the final change log for 2.0.7 . Nothing will be added until 2.0.8

2.0.7 changelog

This is a major update that adds many features and fixes bugs.

1. Added XMPP jingle VOIP features. (XEP-0166)
2. Remains open in the background until you logout or lose connection
3. Many major bugfixes to improve stability and speed
4. Several UI enhancements/cosmetic changes
5. Removed AIM support due to AOL turning off supported servers
6. Added more retina graphics
7. Added tap gesture to dismiss keyboard
8. Added improved 2 pane iPad view in portrait mode
9. Properly times out when connection fails
10. Closing an active chat marks the messages as read
11. Properly able to handle resource ids and other users logged into multiple machines
12. Fixed digest-md5
13. Fixed Facebook login