Monal hasn’t been very good about showing you what it sees on your server. This results in debugging issues becoming just a shot in the dark. I did add verbose logging to beta versions but that’s not something the average user has any use for.  To rectify that, I am adding new screens that surface what is going on underneath. In addition to the other day’s login status bar notifications, I have added a details button to the server which you can tap on after logging in to see if Monal correctly detects some common, modern XEPs on your server.  I hope to make these screens more detailed but this is a start that I hope is useful 


2 thoughts on “Server Features”

    1. I haven’t seen it. That an interesting approach. I was thinking of making it more like what Adium /pidgin had but the approach of showing everything we support and what the server does is a good idea.

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