Hello everyone,

with support from Anu & Thilo I am organizing the community project to redesign the Monal logo. After the suggestion’s have been made we would like to ask the community to vote and what should be done. No worries, there will be the option to keep the current one, if a majority votes for this.

There are a few criteria:

– Have a similar coloring scheme

– Try to keep it suitable to the Monal name / “brand” and for the community

– You agree to publish this under the same license as Monal is and do not use material that has copyright not enabling the use in this project

– Provide it as SVG file (it is not are hard criteria but would be really helpful for us!)

– Please hand in before the **31st of March 2021**

Please publish your suggestion on Github. If you have multiple suggestions or versions please post each in a separate comment. If you don’t have the option to publish on Github, please reach out to the developers.

We will likely call for final voting outside of GitHub, but feel free to us the platform vote function. Please respect the work of other, if you like it or not.

Best regards