There are several bug fixes coming in the next release. I have been working in improving OMEMO and i think I have identified the issue preventing some people from starting new sessions. I am also fixing performance issues in the image handling introduced by the aesgcm links. After those are resolved I will add support for sending aesgcm links for attachments. In the process of looking at performance I have noticed higher then expected battery use when connected to some prosody servers. I hope to work with the server side developers to figure out whats going on there. Generally speaking it appears to me to be due to push notifications sent for more than just new messages. I am also testing with ejabberd to see if there is a problem there as well. Genreally speaking though I believe that XEP-0357 that defines how this is supposed to work is flawed and needs to be updated. It is very trusting and does not give the actual app developer the ability to regulate pushes based on the capabilities of his app. A few minor changes to the specification would let us make something that can compete with the experience of proprietary chat clients.