As you may have noticed, I’ve bounced over to do more OMEMO work. I’ve been improving the UI and UX (mostly on iOS at the moment) as well as testing it with Conversations (and legacy) on my old HP touchpad. I have released a new Mac beta with a lot of OMEMO fixes under the hood. To the end user, things should just work, conversations should sync between devices and it should remember that a conversation should be encrypted now. I hope to work on the OSX UI some more this week and bring it up to parity with the iOS one. Let me know how this build works for you.

2 thoughts on “OMEMO Updates”

  1. Do you want the feedback here openly? Or do you have a jabber/email you want us to use to give feedback? I love the project, admire the work you have been doing and am thankful for you donating your time and talent to finally give MacOS-users a real OMEMO-ready solution … I am so tired of Adium and all that oldschool OTR. Keep up the good work and again – let me know how / where you would like feedback.

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