Some updates for OMEMO coming. First, I noticed a bug there I was using an initialization vector of 16 bytes instead of 12 bytes. While a lot of clients seems to tolerate this, the extra 4 bytes may explain some of the cases where Monal worked with some clients but not others. Since this is an encryption related bug I should clarify, I am not aware of any security issue with this it is just inefficient and not the suggested size. I am hoping this improves compatibility. Flapping bugs like this are really hard to diagnose and fix because unlike a lot of other things, it doesn’t always fail.

Second, I have OMEMO working with Apple’s native AES-GCM libraries. This removes the dependency on OpenSSL and I have OEMEO working in mac catalyst bulds as well now (try the latest build form the link on the side).

Finally, the pending removal of openssl will allow me to return to the French app store in the future.