There is a new iOS. I have been focusing on polishing up the chat screen, which hasn’t seen a lot of change in about 4 years. There is a lot of things going on in the screenshot below, all of them are improvements for the better. We have headers for the day now so the dates on each row are smaller. I am working on compressing cell spacing and using the space to convey time difference between messages (this is a WIP). Link detection is improved. The OMEMO locks are now in the cells. Messages consistently show the OMEMO lock. I am also gone back and adjusting the point count on all spacing to keep them visually consistent.

Still some spacing issues, but it is getting closer to my vision

One thought on “New iOS beta”

  1. Nice improvements. I think there’s still some love for detail needed to get this to a more usable state.

    1. Are seconds really needed in the time stamp? Signal just shows HH:MM which I think is sufficient and helps declutter the overall UI.
    2. Replace “Delivered” by some checkmark like ✔
    3. checkmark not filled = delivered
    4. checkmark filled = read (other variants are possible obviously)
    5. move time and checkmark into the bubble next to lock icon

    That should help tremendously making this view a lot more structured and digestible for humans.

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