We don’t track the number of users Monal has. We only do see thousands of downloads in the App Store statistics. Any user counting and crash tracking provided by Apple is strictly opt-in only. So it always undercounts. However because every user registers a push device with the push server we do see how many devices there are using Monal. This is a very rough estimate that is a bit inflated because you can reset your push device IDs. With all that said, there are currently:

  • 66,476 (+2876) devices have registered to receive push notifications.
  • On 3/31 , the push server sent 95,922 (+53%) push notifications.
  • Apple reports Monal iOS installs are up 79%, Mac installs are up 8%
  • The US vaccine drive has been very successful, bringing in thousands of new users to XMPP. 1.12 million vaccine notifications were sent in March. See this website.

We are working heavily on the new release for you! Please support our 100% volunteering developers and test the Monal Beta!