This is a very early version of the Mac client with OMEMO. This is definitely not meant for general use.  I am really putting this out here because I’ve tested with Gajim, Chatsecure and Conversations and I’m curious to see where things break as more use it.  When I say alpha here, I mean it.  Download here

The UI is minimal and as a result everything is trusted. There is no UI to inspect/approve/revoke keys yet.  To use this, select a recipient, click the text input then click the lock icon on the toolbar (there isn’t any feedback other than the lock closing) and send some messages. You should see locks on the icons of the messages you send. This is really intended for testing, so you will have to re-enable sending with OMEMO when you go to another thread and back. It can receive OMEMO messages and will automatically show a lock next to them as well.


2 thoughts on “Monal OSX 2.2 With OMEMO (ALPHA)”

  1. Monal works like iMessage. It can launch itself and download the message even when it’s not open

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