Quick update to fix some of the issues people saw with 1.3 . Also, some UI updates that didn’t make it to the last release.

6 thoughts on “Monal OSX 1.4 is out”

    1. Ive had a lot of issues with that server. I wonder if i can register an account and see whats going on. Ive had problems with other servers on .mil in the past and when investigating it appeared they were using deprecated SSL on their server.

  1. Dear Anu,

    You already built very good product Monal, even with XEP-0280 support. Thank you very much!

    Please add to Monal also XEP-0313 support so
    it will be the best XMPP client for iOS ever.

    When you can do that?

  2. Hi, great app! very nice improvements. It would be awesome to display the pics directly on the chat window instead of the http-upload link and display on safari. What is the XMPP priority of 5 means? will the client now be connected always, without disconnections? thanks and very happy with it already. Keep developing!

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