Monal OSX 1.3 and iOS 2.9 are almost ready.  I have put up what I hope will be the final OS X beta and will begin beta testing iOS today.

This is a major update.  iOS does not run on iOS 6 anymore. iOS 7 isn’t actually supported but will still run.

There are many major improvements.  Most notably:

  1. XEP-0313: Message Archive Management to download chat history.
  2. XEP-0352: Client State Indication for dramatic reduction on power use.
  3. XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload to send images in conversations
  4. Dropbox integration to share files. Can be used when HTTP upload isn’t available.
  5. Fixed several issues with periodic disconnects when in the background
  6. Sped up the app significantly. In particular, logging in.
  7. Rosters download correctly again and contacts should have proper full names instead of id shown.
  8. Fixed bugs with Google logins
  9. iOS text input will grow to multiple lines

6 thoughts on “Monal OSX 1.3 and iOS 2.9”

  1. “Fixed several issues with periodic disconnects when in the background”

    Really stoked for this as it’s my only complaint with the iOS version!!

  2. Great news, can’t wait to test on ios.
    You should add your blog to planet-jabber!

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