Version 3. This is the third major version release since 2008. There are major changes to the way the app works and looks. I hope that the changes that I have made are for the better. There will likely be some quick updates after this to address issues that are raised.

Fundamentally, the way Monal works has changed. It will now use push to receive messages if that is an option. This vastly improves message reliability. Your servers will need to have a push support enabled. Monal’s server still does not receive your messages, it will only know to wake up your device when there is a new message. If push is not available, multi-tasking will be short. This addresses changes to iOS in recent versions and there is no way to go back to the old behavior, unfortunately.  From what Apple engineers have said, the current approach should be much better.  In my own testing I have had reliability comparable to iMessage.

Additional improvements:
– A new layout for the UI, trying to highlight elements that are used more
– iPhone X support
– Conversation synchronization
– Delivery Confirmation
– Improved Multi user chat
– Server capabilities viewer
– Side by side multi tasking on iPads
– View images in the Conversation
– Improvements to stability and reliability

6 thoughts on “Monal iOS 3 Released”

  1. I can’t download the update. Is by accident or did the team blocked it in Europe because of the new GDPR law? I really would like to get the new update to test new push messages!

    1. It is blocked in the EU due to GDPR as of May 25th. I am looking at how I can restore access.

  2. This update is buggy. One account connected and now won’t, and the other connects but won’t show contacts on line, sometimes. Please confirm and correct

    1. Could you try deleting the account and re-adding to Monal? I have changed the security settings on how passwords are stored and it might cause problems on some upgrades. Let me know if that doesn’t work. I will put an alert on login to let people know this might be an issue. On the settings screen do you see a red banner on the status bar, I have it printing out the login failure reason there. That might help narrow down the cause.

      I think I know the cause of the offline appearance, when it quickly resumes the connection, it doesn’t receive a notice from the server anymore about everyone’s online/offline status. This is an odd XMPP thing. I am seeing it too and looking at ways to fix it.

      As a quick test, if you disabled the account in settings, hit save and then reenabled, will it show the contacts that are online correctly?

      Let me know if any of this doesn’t solve your issues. I am looking to get an update out with fixes next week.

  3. Hello!
    Thanks for good application!
    Please return search by contacts. It became impossible to work with a large contact-list (

    1. Oh, that should be there. Might have removed it by accident when adding iPhone X support.Will fix.

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