The following changes are ready to be tested in Monal 5. The Mac build is up for download here and iOS will be available on TestFlight soon. The Mac build address has been updated to a tar.gz file instead of zip. It should open the same. The link has been updated to use the new macOS name as well.

  • omemo to/from siskin/beagle now functional
  • showing of own omemo key qr codes for quick verification
  • persistence of trust levels even if omemo errors occur
  • qr code scanning for macOS
  • fixed crash on account deletion
  • don’t allow change of account jid
  • many small fixes
  • push server now uses xmpp for registering new push tokens (now the monal appserver never sees your ip)
  • catalyst (especially on apple silicon) now has real push support

ongoing development (half implemented):

  • scanning of omemo qr codes (wip: ui)
  • filetransfer ui (wip: audio messages, download percentage, file size limits for auto-downloads)
  • muc support (working: entering mucs and muc-mam to load messages after extended offline periods)