We have released Monal in version 5.0.1 which contains mostly corrections and small improvements. Now the iOS and macOS builds are also synchronized and available in the Apple App Store.

Here are the changes in this release:

  • Show warning if camera permissions are missing while trying to use camera
  • Fixed duplication of contacts in chat overview
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Show Debug menu after tapping 16 times onto app version
  • Don’t drop file download errors silently
  • Don’t log outgoing SASL and password change stanzas (your password won’t be logged anymore)
  • Trim whitespaces and newlines at the beginning or end of a message
  • Fix microphone icon not always showing
  • Renamed “Log” to “Debug” in settings menu
  • Move contact details close button to the left
  • Fix some very rare TCP stream handling bugs
  • Fix old XMPP resources created with Monal older than version 4.3 not having a random part
  • Fix bug in upload queue not reacting to enter key
  • Privacy: Only register to APNS and push appserver if notifications are allowed
  • Fix bug in Message Archive Messaging (MAM) handling with ejabberd

Monal is being developed entirely in spare-time of the named developers and has no commercial interest – for the freedom of software but also to enable ad- and tracking-free communication. Therefore, we kindly would ask you to consider to make a donation.

If you have hardware to donate please reach out to us first! Last but not least, you can check out the new features and give us feedback, that helps a lot to improve the app. Read about how to support!

Finally, do you know someone you could imagine to volunteer in support visual design and improvement of the app’s interface? Then please reach out to us as well.

Spread the word! We have this blog but also a Mastodon account, Twitter account and you can read this via the Planet Jabber RSS feed.

Development is conducted via GitHub.

Let’s change the digital communication via XMPP in the Apple environment, together!

Your Monal IM developers!