IOS 13 comes out tomorrow and Monal 4 will be out in the next day or so. I was hoping to be ready day 1 this time and I was for dark mode but the push issues took me by surprise. I expected to have until 2020 to resolve it. Monal as it is in the app store, Monal won’t work with iOS 13, the OS will block the voip pushes. The updated version will work with a new push server that does not send voip pushes anymore. I have posted that to the beta channel today. It just tells you there is a new message and doesn’t have the message text or sender. It’s not great but the alternative is not knowing when you have messages. I will continue to work on the notification extension I am using for these messages and will update it in the coming week hopefully we will get similar behavior to iOS 12 soon.

Have I mentioned how much I hate Facebook messing this up for everyone.