The latest versions of Monal are out for both apple platforms. 4.5 is in development and will probably come out next week.

If you find the apps useful please remember to rate it and leave feedback on the Appstore’s. This helps discovery and encourages new users to try it. On a related note while its probably tiny numbers for apps these days, it seems the iOS App crossed 250k users recently 🎉. I don’t really monitor or track these things so I didn’t even notice.

2 thoughts on “Monal 4.4 for iOS and Mac are out”

  1. Hi. The Apple Store is saying I must have 10.15 to download. I am not running any of my machines on Catalina, where can I get an compatible version? Or is there another mistake? Thanks

    1. Correct this is a catalyst app. This is why the pace of development sped up and it got to feature parity with iOS

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