Monal 4.3 is going to be a huge update the iOS and Mac UI. It is feature complete and has been in testing for a few weeks. I expect to release it next week. When it comes out though, I will have switched to Apple’s GCM library this will also allow me to release in France. The change in libraries will prevent OMEMO from working with some other clients. Clients that send with a 16 byte iv will not be able to send to Monal anymore. Client that can’t accept the 12 byte iv will not be able to accept message from Monal anymore.

3 thoughts on “Monal 4.3 is coming out in about a week (even in France)”

  1. Why did you drop the compatibility with (non-standard) 12 byte? We already have a lot of issues to struggle with, so this will make life harder.
    I’d prefer it working and display/send a warning message pointing out the fact.
    …just a suggestion.

  2. Apples GCM library does not support 16 byte iv. I can use it and get legal cover or i can ship my own libraries. Mac will never support 16. For iOS its tricky, going 16 byte will not let me release in france

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