Monal 2.3 development is done. I am doing some internal bug testing but will start the public beta program soon.  If you want to join the beta, please send your apple id to  This uses test flight and will be for iOS8 only.

This is a big update. I think people will appreciate some of of the mobile specific XEP work.

1. turned off all SSL3 support. It is no longer safe
2. added ability to search the contacts list
3. improved stability
4. fixed bug that caused facebook contacts to not show
5. XEP-0198 : Stream management
6. XEP-0280 : Message Carbons

3 thoughts on “Monal 2.3”

  1. I’m looking forward to these two XEP‘s! Now I will be able to sync my chat history with Jitsi on my laptop and Conversations on my Android tablet. I am really happy Monal is still actively developed. As an iOS user you have not much choice in terms of good XMPP clients. Of course there is the bug-ridden ChatSecure with OTR support that only stays open for 10 minutes. What a joke. You are basically never contactable with this kind of logic. Thank god Monal is using the loop-hole called “VOIP functionality” to protect its background process from being killed off. On the Android side things are looking much brighter, because of FOSS siacs/Conversations and missing auto termination of background apps. Of course there is still the global problem of a missing open source push notification service (alternative for APNS/GCM).

    1. Im looking forward to releasing it. Send your apple id to if you would like to test. I would like to test carbons more before releasing. The VOIP isn’t really a loop hole, I implemented jingle calling in Monal.

      I am working on an XEP that will allow APNS and GCM pushes without compromising any security on federated xmpp servers using some new tech in iOS7+ .

      1. I’m really interested in this XEP you mention. Seems logical that an encrypted payload should be able to be send via APN/GCM as long as the client side can decrypt it.

        I’m using a first gen iPad Mini, and can’t seem to keep Monal running in the background, which is why I’m most interested in that. Mind you, it’s entirely possible my XMPP server is missing a capability that needs to be advertised in order for Monal to list the account as voice capable – not really sure.

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