I am making a free Media Portal client for Apple TV. At the moment I’m calling this guy TVPortal.  This is mostly driven by my desire to watch my recorded tv shows on Appletv.

Phase 1 will be to to watch recorded content.

Phase 2 epg and record scheduling from appletv.

Phase 3 will be live streaming tv.

For me personally this will be the holy grail for Appletv. A single box that can handle all of my media needs including OTA free TV.  Of course the DVR component would require a separate box as Media portal is an open source Windows dvr. If you are interested, please email me (info@monal.im). I would like to test this a lot before we go live in the App Store.

The backend code for phase 1 is nearly complete, once I have a basic ui, we will begin testing. I will update this post With further details as the app progresses.