It seems that the mac app store is currently blocking the use of the keychain as a non public api. It’s clearly a bug because this has worked fine for a decade and until yesterday there were no issues. Until they resolve this, i can’t upload new catalyst builds — including the one intended for the appstore

ITMS-90338: Non-public API usage – The app references non-public symbols in Contents/Frameworks/SAMKeychain.framework/Versions/A/SAMKeychain: _SecItemAdd, _SecItemCopyMatching, _SecItemDelete, _SecItemUpdate, _kSecAttrAccessible, _kSecAttrAccount, _kSecAttrLabel, _kSecAttrService, _kSecAttrSynchronizableAny, _kSecClass, _kSecMatchLimit, _kSecMatchLimitAll, _kSecMatchLimitOne, _kSecReturnAttributes, _kSecReturnData, _kSecValueData,