There is another new beta for the Mac client. I’ve made a few UI fixes and adjustments to MAM. Generally, I think the MAM code is working well enough that I will push this client out to production with some more UI fixes.  You will probably see me working on Mac UI issues on GitHub for a little bit.

Regarding iOS. I am still unhappy with the push server. At the moment it is not properly throttling pushes and I see far more pushes coming for a single message  than there should be. There are also issues with the XMPP spec (XEP) that I am unhappy about. In particular, I feel pushes should only happen for messages and voip calls and nothing else.  It appears to be happening for far more than that.  Due to the way that push is designed for user privacy, I don’t see what content is triggering a push. It is entirely dependent on individual servers.