There was an iOS App Store release. I mentioned in the release notes that there was a security fix. The specific fix was a bug that didn’t save user preferences when deselecting OMEMO keys in the UI. I am generally good about clarity with security changes (see the SSL changes) I will be better about it in the future.

I am working more on iOS at the moment. The chat UI is a bit more refined. I have adjusted the dates and the spacing between cells depending on the message before it. iOS users who have used Messages will find this familiar. I will work on aesgcm:// links next. It may not make it into next weeks release but likely the one after that.

5 thoughts on “iOS Updates”

  1. Please keep developing this app, use a donate button if you have to. This is one of the main reasons I switched to the pixel but I can go back to ios if this app is still being developed. Thanks

  2. The goal is to have a decent WhatsApp replacement for people. Development will keep at a rapid clip iterating until we have the best client given the limitations of XMPP.

  3. Thanks for working on this. I’m looking forward to being able to recommend it to my iOS-using friends as an alternative to WhatsApp.

    In testing, the aegscm issue is the main thing that came up (along with key exchange issues due to bugs in another app)

  4. Would love to promote this to friends as well. But what about the signup xmpp onboarding process? Where do you direct your friends? How do you explain that account and service don’t have to be the same and how that is a benefit. The fact that signup may differ depending on the platform recommended makes it so much harder to explain this to average non-tech humans.

    Any suggestions / thoughts?

  5. I agree on the on boarding issue. I have a blog post I link to but I think it may be more useful as an explanation of xmpp than anything else. I’m leaning more towards just having a default server you can register with.

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