This is a large update with many changes under the hood

  • complete rewrite of internal xmpp parser
  • complete overhaul of OMEMO including many bug fixes and improvements
  • improved error handling in encryption code
  • added floating “scroll to bottom”-button
  • added notification privacy setting UI
  • added the “/me”-command
  • added support for roster names instead of jid
  • added support for XEP-0333 char-markers including synchronization of message read state across devices (this will even remove notifications for messages read on another device)
  • implemented last message correction and message deletion (using LMC)
  • implemented ui to set own status message and display status messages of contacts in contact-details
  • implemented modern swipe action UI for messages
  • implemented XEP-0172 nicknames (set own nickname, read other nicknames)
  • implemented XEP-0084 user avatar including new ui to set own avatar
  • rewrote complete image/file transfer code
  • removed ancient online/offline distinction for contacts
  • now showing privacy settings after first account setup and on first app start
  • updated localizations
  • added notification actions to reply or mark as read directly from notification without opening the app
  • improved chat scrolling
  • fixed issues with image transfers only showing a grey rectangle
  • fixed ios 12 crash when uploading big OMEMO encrypted images
  • improved UI

4 thoughts on “iOS 4.9 is out”

  1. Just a question, is the Jingle XMPP protocol for VOIP calls encypted in OMEMO as well? There isn’t much documentation on VOIP in this app.

    1. VoIP is currently broken anyways. But we will update that code to be interoparable with Conversations et al and this will use WebRTC under the hood (which is encrypted by default)

      1. The current voip support uses jingle which was added to monal a decade ago and intended to work with google talk (haha). There have been at least two major changes to the way pushes happen on iOS since then and the voip code hasn’t been updated or tested a ton in the last 5 years

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