What I hope is the final beta for iOS 4.2 is out. This is a massive update that touches every part of the code and should be a huge improvement for everyone using Monal. Still no progress on adding to the french app store sadly. It will have to wait for at least 4.3 in 2020. I will be adding all of these changes to the macOS app next.

This is a large update with a lot of changes fixing or improving:

  • OMEMO key exchange
  • roster versioning
  • push support (tested Tigase too)
  • contact list accuracy
  • chat synch and catchup (MAM)
  • issues joining, rendering and leaving group chats (MUC)
  • discovery of HTTP upload on some servers
  • Ipad translucency issues
  • numerous UI glitches, dark mode quirks
  • many bugs that impacted stability

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