The near final 3.7 beta should be going out to testers right now. This is what will change in the next release.

  1. Fixed OMEMO session creation errors on some servers
  2. Fixed performance with attachment downloading
  3. Fixed wrong/older image being shown in chat cells
  4. Added ability to set nick names on contacts
  5. Added a photo browser for conversation images
  6. Show full name and not JID on notifications
  7. Fixed bug that might cause duplication of sent messages
  8. Notifications now have image previews
  9. Fixed a bug that wrongly showed messages as failed to send
  10. Fixed a bug that didn’t update messages when retrying
  11. Reduced network and battery use
  12. Fixed a bug that caused a disconnect loop in certain network conditions

One thought on “iOS 3.7 Change list”

  1. Looks like the message duplication is fixed, however now if I don’t have the app open and on the screen I don’t get any notification (app backgrounded or phone locked) even though I have all notifications on.

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