Update 15.02.2022 Thank you very much. We reached our target of 1000€ within less than a week. We will order our new Mac mini tonight. Stay tuned for a big development blog post.

Dear Monal Community,

as you know the Monal project is developed by volunteers and has no general funding so far.

To improve the development situation it would be of advantage to have a physical build server for the developers.

This would have the following direct advantages for the users in the end:

  • Fast development, as builds can be run within minutes not 20 to 60 minutes per build
  • Better quality, as a physical device can support true debugging of the Monal app

To achieve this, we would like to start another community funding campaign. The device the developers are looking for is the future-proof Mac mini M1 with 16GB RAM and 256GB hard-drive (https://www.apple.com/de/shop/buy-mac/mac-mini/apple-m1-chip-mit-8-core-cpu-und-8-core-gpu-256gb) at a price of 1,029 EUR (1,175 USD).

The target will be 1,000 EUR. If you donate, this will have direct impact on the Monal development speed.

You can donate via three ways:

Donate via GitHub Sponsors (https://github.com/sponsors/tmolitor-stud-tu)

Donate via Libera Pay (https://liberapay.com/tmolitor)

EU citizens can donate via SEPA, too. Just contact Thilo Molitor via mail to thilo@monal-im.org to get his IBAN.

The time line is February 2022, latest 28th Feb 2022. If the goal is reached earlier, the campaign will be treated as successful and the device will be bought. If we don’t reach the target, we will use the money for a new redundant push-server-setup based in Europe (stay tuned for a development blog post) and hiring a SwiftUI developer for a new group creation UI.

We hope we can reach the target and achieve a better development environment. The last campaign about 200 EUR for a new iPhone device was already successful, let’s reach the next target!

Your Monal developers!