Monal builds and runs with catalyst. This was an initial experiment to see what the process would be like. Hilariously, as I was Googling the issues I encountered I noticed that Chris from chat secure was in the process of doing the same thing. I already know that this is going to be great for the Mac eco system. Mac users, don’t be dismayed by the very iOS look here, it starts like this and then you add more and more native Mac like components. This is the bare minimum. Even all the dark themes stuff from iOS worked perfectly on Mac. Even at the bare minimum this should perform better and have more features than the current Mac app. Targeting only one UI framework will reduce my work load by half. The good news is everything builds and runs. I disabled OMEMO for this build for a few reasons, mainly because it wouldn’t build with the SSL library I was using but them I am planning on changing the way I do crypto in ios13/Catalina so that I can ship in France so this isn’t really an issue.

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