The neat thing about catalyst apps is that while it is the iOS code and UI you can also adjust it to add Mac functionality. Rather than having to rebuild a second app, I am able add on Mac features or tweak the iOS ones to work like a mac. The next catalyst build will show some of this. New features:

Unified title bar (like first party apps)

Fully functional Mac menus:

Yes, the keyboard short cuts works
The ones here work as well and make editing the chats screen easier

Mac file dialogs instead of brining up the iOS photo selector/camera when you attach a file or change the background.

I will add drag and drop in a future update. This will also bring drag and drop and keyboard shortcuts to the iPad app. This is an example of how Catalyst has sped up development bu reducing the amount of code and testing needed. There is a lot to be excited about here for the Mac, I hope other developers are doing similar things.