I am working on fixing lots of serious bugs. I am going to open it up to beta testers soon. If you want to get early builds (and provide feedback) before the app store release, contact bugs@monal.im

6 thoughts on “Beta testers needed”

  1. Thats good to hear, I just set up my own Jabber Server and want to start using Monal soon.

  2. Please give the option to choose how many lines of chat Monal retrieves in group chats. Having it fixed on 5 makes it difficult to stay updated on chats if you’re away for too long.

  3. Hi, just installed Monal and seems chat rooms still don’t work in my 2.0.9 , with no errors visible. Any progress with fixing this issue?

  4. Could you please also add me to the group of beta testers.
    I am running my own Prosody Jabber Server, but i am unable to see my contacts with v. 2.0.9 of Monal.

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