It seems Apple has changed their app ranking algorithms.  It now includes regular usage in addition to downloads.  I hadn’t noticed this before.  Keep using Monal, tell others.




6 thoughts on “App Rankings”

  1. Now I use it as my major IM app but the Alerts including sound and vibration DO NOT work well. PLEASE FIX IT.

  2. Hi Anu,

    Thank you for the new update! I’m
    Wondering if you can help. I’m trying to connect to my server through monal, but cannot. I thought this was due to SSL issues, but even after the new update, I cannot connect. I’m currently using an app called jabba and my log-in works, but I prefer monal. When I add and enable my account on monal, it states “logging in; securing connection; could not log in.” Do you know what the issue is? Thank you so much!!! Jessica

    1. Hi,
      A few things to check immediately,
      1. is the server using a self signed certificate
      2. is it using old style ssl (usually port 5223)

      If it is server that is public, could you send me the address ( and I can test it too. If it isn’t a public server, would you happen to know what the server software is (jabbered, openfire etc) and I will test it with my own install


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